TV/Cable: 30 Spots

What has 80+ channels, thousands of viewers at any given second and about 30 seconds provided for you to communicate with them? Cable TV: the optimal medium for your brand’s message.

Everyone that has watched TV has seen thousands of cable commercials, or TV/Cable 30 spots as they are called in the industry. We see hundreds of them on a weekly basis, yet we only remember a select few – the clever ones, the cute ones, the indelible ones. These are the commercials that will grow your business and make it a brand on the national level. These are the commercials we create here at ASK Media Productions.

How TV/Cable 30 Spots Work

30 spots are exactly what they sound like: half a minute of whatever it is you want to communicate to the consumer. Not all commercials and advertisements are exactly thirty seconds in length, but that’s the starting point for an optimized media placement.

A mere thirty seconds may not seem like anything significant, but the right 30 spot will never fail to make an impression with every millisecond it’s given: thirty seconds to engage with something thought provoking, thirty seconds to laugh at something witty, thirty seconds to make your mark on the mind of your audience.

In general, TV/Cable 30 spots work on a national level, which distinguishes them from the local context of broadcast television media planning. Whereas broadcast networks sell specific commercial spots on specific channels at specific times, cable TV streamlines the process by selling a single 30 spot and rotating it for you.

These “rotator spots” do the heavy lifting: the scheduling, the demographic targeting, and the media placement. Your audience is no longer small and precise. It is universal and varied. Your medium is no longer limited by time and location. It is everywhere, every place and every channel that your budget allows for. As the reach of your message exponentially growing to meet an ever-increasing audience, your business will grow with it.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your TV/Cable 30 Spots?

A Super Bowl 30 spot commercial tends to cost somewhere around $3.5 million dollars. In addition to the buffalo wings, the camaraderie and the fridge full of beer, this is perhaps what the Super Bowl is most well known for: it’s timeless commercials. Thousands of agencies on Madison Avenue bid against one another just for those 30 seconds of fame in the hopes that they can bring their clients’ brands into the major leagues.

There’s no denying the power of a medium like the Super Bowl, which helps build some of the world’s foremost brands year after year. Yet, those who remain preoccupied with the power of the medium ignore what is in fact even more important: the message.

When it comes to advertising on cable, the medium is not the message. The message is the message, and the message is all that counts. We remember those select few commercials not because of the night in which they ran, or because of the channel that ran them. We remember them because they made us laugh, they made us think, they made us feel something.

That’s what we do at ASK Media Productions. Those are the commercials we produce, the commercials we have produced, and the ones we will produce for you when you call us to start your project. So call today and see for yourself what it truly means to become a nationally recognized brand!