Video News Releases

The impact and persuasive power of a high quality video news release (VNR) can’t be overstated. These simple, and often short, videos are the backbone of most successful PR marketing campaigns.

Before we start singing the praises of this versatile media format, let’s get one thing out of the way. Just what the hell is a VNR anyway?

A VNR is a short, information-focused video on a specific product, person, business, or topic. Think of them as basically news segments for the 21st century.

What separates them from typical news, though, is that they’re created and produced by advertising, marketing, and film production agencies. They’re the news…designed to sell you something.

While this may sound a bit sneaky, VNR’s are common practice among almost every major brand. We don’t want to name names, but you know that famous shoe company? What about that mega online retailer? Yeah, they both use video news releases.

Producing a VNR

When making a VNR, always err on the side of informative rather than sales driven. While it may be tempting to create a segment designed to sell, it’s actually much more effective to inform.

Think about it like this – VNR’s target potential customers that are at the very top of the sales funnel. You don’t get results by hard selling these people. You get results by informing them of a particular product or topic and linking your brand’s name to that product or topic.

So, it’s important to get professional actors, preferably with a background in journalism, to star in your video news release. It’s also important to film everything in a professional setting and use the most cutting edge editing techniques.

You don’t want your VNR to feel amateur. That’s just a bad look. You don’t want your brand associated with something subpar or spammy in nature.

Take the time to invest in a professional media company. Luck for you, ASK has all the resources you need to create and run a successful VNR campaign.

How to Run a Successful VNR Campaign

This is where things get interesting. To run a successful VNR campaign, you want to think beyond simply getting your product or topic seen by as many people as possible.

That tactic – we like to call it marketing to eyeballs – won’t cut it here. That’s for viral video or more traditional channels of advertising.

VNR’s demand more. They demand to be taken seriously as informative pieces of content. They demand to be seen by industry influencers and thought leaders.

Well, that’s where we at ASK Media really shine. Not only do we know how to produce a quality VNR, but we also have the connections you need to run a successful outreach and awareness campaign.

We’ve been doing this for years. We know where to take your VNR to get the highest return on investment. We know who to show it to. We know when to show it. We know it all!

Why Choose ASK Media for Your VNR Needs?

Seriously? We just spent ten minutes giving you the insider’s scoop on video news releases and you’re still not sure ASK is the company for you?

Look, we’re certified experts with all things video production. We know how to make media that reflects the aesthetics of your particular brand. We know how to frame that media to certain news outlets. We know how to run a successful VNR.

Call us now to learn more about how we can help your brand reach the people that matter!