Workplace Safety

Workplace safety training video production. Ugh, even the name is putting us to sleep…zzzz…

What? We weren’t sleeping. We were just resting our eyes and maybe snoring a bit.

Look, safety training videos aren’t any fun. They never have been and they never will be. Actually, scratch that last part ‘cause we have a fever – a fever that can only be cured by making workplace safety training videos fun!

That’s outrageous and maybe impossible, but bear with us here and check out some of the benefits of making your training videos a bit more lighthearted.

Turning Boring Material to Fun

The first question that comes to mind is why? Why bother to make workplace safety training videos interesting, captivating, or fun?

That’s a good question. After all, it’ll cost more and there’s no benefit to you, the business owner, right? Wrong!

The benefit of having engaging safety videos is that your employees are going to pay attention to them and actually learn something. They’ll absorb and remember the safety protocols of your company.

Think about it like this – do you remember any workplace safety trainings you’ve received? If you answered yes, then we’re seriously impressed! Most of the working world couldn’t tell you one thing from any of their training videos.

Know why? Because training videos are boring and employees immediately tune out. Why should they care about some random guy or girl with a monotonous voice telling them about OSHA or worker’s comp?

Now, imagine if your safety training video was the exception to this rule. Imagine if your video stood out from the rest. Not only would your employees remember their training, but you’d also have a better workplace culture. You’d have a better brand.

An engaging workplace culture and interesting brand, folks, is the name of the game.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Workplace Safety Training Videos?

Why choose ASK Media for your workplace safety training videos? Because we just spent a few hundred works talking about how to make safety videos fun. Duh!

Look, we’re media geeks. We love creating and producing one-of-a-kind videos. That’s as true for training videos as it is for large-scale commercial advertising.

We have an unrequited passion for making media that stands out from the crowd. We’re experts at how to make video unique and captivating.

Pick ASK because we’ll give you a workplace safety training video that’ll hold the attention of your employees and make them chuckle, maybe even laugh. That’s the sound of a healthy company. It’s that simple.